Decrease greenhouse gases, save landfill capacity, avoid stinky trash, create a valuable agricultural product, build community, support local business, and maybe even save money on trash collection.


 We offer several composting solutions to the entire city of Colorado Springs, for both residential and commercial members. On a weekly basis, we collect your food scraps and yard waste and take them to be processed into rich, fertile, usable compost. It’s easy, clean, and affordable!


You receive a clean 6 gallon bucket and lid every week! Choose whether to pay Yearly or Monthly, but both payment plans include weekly pick-up. 

  • Yearly: $225/year plus one time $10 startup fee. Includes access to FREE compost rewards in Spring and Fall (3x 1 cubic foot bags delivered in 1st week of April and 3 more in 1st week of October, must opt in through membership portal to receive compost). 
  • Monthly: $20/month plus one time $10 startup fee. Includes access to HALF PRICE compost ($3 per bag instead of $6), one half price bag earned per month of service. Must be requested through your member portal.
  • Think you’ll want more finished compost than either of these options offers? Order as many extra bags of compost at $6/bag as you want at any time and we’ll deliver them to you on your next service date!
  • Think you’ll need more capacity than one 6 gallon bucket a week? Either add an additional bucket to your membership for $10/month, or set out your excess in a disposable bag on your service days and we’ll only charge you $5 per bag (please notify us how many bags you are setting out beforehand).


Only $10/month!! We have 2 drop off locations, one at Phelan Gardens and one at Don’s Garden Shop. Unlimited 24/7 drop off. No access to free compost with this budget membership option, but you can purchase bags at $6/bag and pick them up at our shop any time!


We offer several container options for different business scales,  and you can mix and match if you’d like. For all of our container options, we provide weekly pick-up and bill monthly. With a commercial membership, we’ll provide you with as many guidance sheets as you want for your employees to reference as they use the containers, as well as promotional materials so you can show your customers that you compost! We also include your logo in our list of commercial partners at the bottom of this page.

  • 2x 6 gallon buckets: $30/month + one time startup fee (fee matches your monthly subscription fee)
  • 32 gallon toter: $35/month + one time startup fee 
  • 64 gallon roll-off toter: $50/month + one time startup fee

If you need more than one of any given container, we’ll discount your additional containers!

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residential Pick-Up



We define urban agriculture as any practice involving the production of food in an urban setting. It can include the growing of vegetables, fruits, herbs, grains, and livestock animals. If it produces food, Brown’s Greens is interested in incorporating it into your landscape!

Yes! We will meet with you and let you pick our brains for free. Growing food or getting started on a new landscape is full of complications and we want to answer as many of your questions as possible without you having to open your wallet. If you think you might like to have Brown’s Greens do some work for you after a consultation, we charge $100.00 to cover our time to make you an estimate and hand drawn plan, if necessary.

A residential compost pick-up subscription costs $16.00 per month if you pay monthly, and $18.00 a month if you pay on a yearly basis ($195 per year). If you have ever had a compost pick-up service before or looked into one in other areas, you will be shocked by how cheap this is compared to the norm. That’s because we do things efficiently and we believe in making composting affordable for all. We all share the same earth. Let’s focus on saving it together rather than profiting off of it!

Follow this link to our blog to find out the do’s and don’ts of composting with us!

What We Compost and What We Don’t

We use standard round 5 gallon buckets for our residential composting. You receive one of these with a tight sealing lid and we exchange it with a clean one when we come to pick up your compost every week! If you are apartment dweller who’s tight on space and don’t generate much organic waste, we offer smaller bucket options to accommodate you.

Despite what our clever name may imply, we do not. We are focused on improving people’s lives by helping them grow their own food, helping them decrease their food and yard waste, and helping them fall in love with their gardens and landscapes.

We love the compost service! And of course, the garden they made for my veggies - truly beautiful and functional!


Easiest, affordable, professional company that makes home composting so accessible!! Highly recommend them for your home composting needs!


Brown's Greens is a great local company! Zach Brown and his team planned and created a wonderful landscape for our backyard, including beautiful borders, mulched areas, and raised beds which have given our family veggies for 3 years. The work was done right, quickly, and the price competitive. We highly recommend Browns Greens!

- Terri Moon

I love Brown's Greens! I have wanted to do composting for a while but just don't have the time to do it on my own, and it is so inconvenient to take it somewhere else. But now it is picked up at my house once a week! They are always consistent in sending weekly reminders and picking it up. And I receive compost back to put in my garden, and my garden is loving it. So glad I can participate in cutting down on landfill space, improving air quality, AND in blessing the ground and the city in this way. Thank you, Brown's Greens!


We were thrilled with the outstanding service and quality of work that we had done by Brown's Greens. The prices were reasonable and the work was done right on schedule. We can heartily recommend Brown's Greens for any outdoor landscape or garden project!


"Brown's Greens built four raised beds for my vegetable garden -- about six by three feet each -- and filled each one with their best planting mix. As a result, my crop yield has been increased at least four times over. Zach's knowledge of soil content and composition has been especially helpful to me, since the ground in my backyard consists mainly of hard clay. I couldn't be happier with the results!"

- Jim Ware

Zach of Brown's Greens was very professional, communicated thoroughly, and left me feeling excellent about choosing him for our needs.