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As of 2024, Brown’s Greens has been acquired by Food to Power. If you’re seeking composting services, go to Food to Power Compost website.

Brown’s Greens is your first choice for composting, urban agriculture, or landscaping services in Colorado Springs. Offering services for both residential and commercial properties, Brown’s Greens can work with your specific situation and provide custom tailored solutions. Discover more about our services below:

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Brown’s Greens proudly offers both residential and commercial curbside composting to Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. Food and yard waste going into landfills is a big issue. When these organic wastes are not processed properly as compost and instead are tossed into landfills, they exude methane gases into our atmosphere, contributing to the greenhouse effect. Did you know that MILLIONS of tons of food waste every year in America is not processed as compost and goes straight into landfills? We aim to start a movement one bucket at a time to keep organic wastes out of landfills and turn them into rich, fertile, usable compost. We provide our compost clients with an animal proof bucket, and a guidance sheet. All you have to do is put your food scraps and/or yard waste in the bucket and we’ll come pick it up every week! It’s easy, clean, and VERY affordable. You will also receive free compost for your garden or choices of other perks if gardening isn’t your thing. Click “sign up now” to get set up and start composting today!

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Brown’s Greens is an urban agriculture and landscaping company. Company owner Zach Brown has years of experience in gardening and landscaping, and he is a certified Urban Agriculturalist and Landscape Contractor. We offer everything from simple consultations to full garden installs and maintenance. As outlined in our mission statement, we aim empower the residents and businesses of Colorado Springs who desire to take responsibility for growing their own food, so whatever your urban agriculture dream is, we will help you achieve it. We also offer general landscaping services, and seasonal produce sales from our gardens are in the works as well! The first order of business is to schedule a consultation with us by clicking the button on the left, or email/call us if you have questions. We can’t wait to meet you!

Residential Compost Pick-up

Residential Compost Pick-up

If you and your family are tired of a stinky trash can, want to take responsibility for your greenhouse gas emissions, and want to earn free locally made compost or other non-gardener perks, this is the service for you! Click on "sign up now" at the top of this page to learn more.

Commercial Pick-up

Commercial Pick-up

Brown’s Greens proudly offers a compost pick-up service for small businesses in Colorado Springs. If you are a restaurant, grocery store, or any other business that generates food or yard waste, we can decrease your trash output and give you an edge up on your competitors by making your company more Green.

Request Additional Compost

Request Additional Compost

Want more compost than our complimentary portion? You can purchase additional bags here and we will deliver them to your doorstep on our next scheduled pick-up date!

Brown’s Greens offers an immediately useful and accessible way to begin composting. Their curbside composting service is excellent and is really helpful in creating steps toward a more sustainable lifestyle. Coupled with a recycling service, we’ve been able to reduce our regular trash pick up from weekly down to once a month. Nice to see the Colorado Springs community stepping up to do good and lead out as an example for others in the state. - P. WHITNEY
We love the compost service! And of course, the garden they made for my veggies - truly beautiful and functional! - DOROTHY NELSON
Brown's Greens built four raised beds for my vegetable garden -- about six by three feet each -- and filled each one with their best planting mix. As a result, my crop yield has been increased at least four times over. Zach's knowledge of soil content and composition has been especially helpful to me, since the ground in my backyard consists mainly of hard clay. I couldn't be happier with the results! - JIM WARE
Very pleased with Brown's Greens services. My husband and I started to realize how much food waste we were producing from our juicing regimen and wanted to find a better option than the trash. Brown's Greens was simple to set up, very reasonably priced, and they've been right on time each week to pick up. - NICOLE BIRD
1. I always thought about composting but really didn’t know how to get started. I used Browns Greens for some landscaping (which they did beautifully and on budget!) and noticed their compost service on their website. I’ve been enrolled in their weekly bucket pickup/drop off service for a month now, and I love it. They are prompt, the fresh buckets are nice & clean, and it feels amazing to make good use of my food and garden scraps instead of clogging up the trash. I’m excited to receive my compost when the time comes.

2. *UPDATE* Just had to add to this review since we had Browns Greens return for more landscaping. I asked Zach for ideas to replace all the grass in the front yard, and he drew up a beautiful plan. His crew did all of the work in two and a half days, and it’s stunning. We have a dry riverbed with beautiful stones, and boulder-studded berms on either side planted with native shrubs and perennials, all set up with drip irrigation to help them flourish. (The attached photo doesn’t really do it justice — the plants are still babies, and the berms are higher than the pic makes them appear.) The crew is friendly, hard working, and they all clearly love their jobs. I cannot say enough wonderful things about everything this company does. - MANDY HOUK
Brown's Greens is a great local company! Zach Brown and his team planned and created a wonderful landscape for our backyard, including beautiful borders, mulched areas, and raised beds which have given our family veggies for 3 years. The work was done right, quickly, and the price competitive. We highly recommend Browns Greens! - TERRI MOON
Great customer service. Always friendly. Dedicated to making the world a better place. - NICOLE LANE
Easiest, affordable, professional company that makes home composting so accessible!! Highly recommend them for your home composting needs! - CAROLINE MARGARET
I love Brown's Greens! I have wanted to do composting for a while but just don't have the time to do it on my own, and it is so inconvenient to take it somewhere else. But now it is picked up at my house once a week! They are always consistent in sending weekly reminders and picking it up. And I receive compost back to put in my garden, and my garden is loving it. So glad I can participate in cutting down on landfill space, improving air quality, AND in blessing the ground and the city in this way. Thank you, Brown's Greens! - ALISON WARE
We were thrilled with the outstanding service and quality of work that we had done by Brown's Greens. The prices were reasonable and the work was done right on schedule. We can heartily recommend Brown's Greens for any outdoor landscape or garden project! - CAROL FORSETH