Food and yard waste going into landfills is a big issue. When these organic wastes are not processed properly as compost and are tossed into landfills, they exude methane gases into our atmosphere, contributing to the greenhouse effect. Did you know that MILLIONS of tons of food waste every year in America is not processed as compost and goes straight into landfills? Also, Colorado Springs gardeners know all too well how generally poor our soil is, and good compost does wonders for poor soils. We aim to start a movement one bucket at a time to keep organic wastes out of landfills and turn them into good, fertile, usable compost. If you and your family want to be a part of this movement, our Residential Pick-up option is the option for you! We provide our residential compost clients with an animal proof bucket and a guidance sheet on everything you need to know about composting with us. We’ll come every week to pick up your compost, exchange your bucket for a clean one, and place it back by your doorstep. You will also receive free finished compost for your garden or choices of other perks if gardening isn’t your thing. Join the movement; it’s easy, cheap, and clean!

Sign Up – Composting for residences

We love the compost service! And of course, the garden they made for my veggies - truly beautiful and functional!


Easiest, affordable, professional company that makes home composting so accessible!! Highly recommend them for your home composting needs!


Brown's Greens is a great local company! Zach Brown and his team planned and created a wonderful landscape for our backyard, including beautiful borders, mulched areas, and raised beds which have given our family veggies for 3 years. The work was done right, quickly, and the price competitive. We highly recommend Browns Greens!

- Terri Moon

We were thrilled with the outstanding service and quality of work that we had done by Brown's Greens. The prices were reasonable and the work was done right on schedule. We can heartily recommend Brown's Greens for any outdoor landscape or garden project!


I love Brown's Greens! I have wanted to do composting for a while but just don't have the time to do it on my own, and it is so inconvenient to take it somewhere else. But now it is picked up at my house once a week! They are always consistent in sending weekly reminders and picking it up. And I receive compost back to put in my garden, and my garden is loving it. So glad I can participate in cutting down on landfill space, improving air quality, AND in blessing the ground and the city in this way. Thank you, Brown's Greens!


"Brown's Greens built four raised beds for my vegetable garden -- about six by three feet each -- and filled each one with their best planting mix. As a result, my crop yield has been increased at least four times over. Zach's knowledge of soil content and composition has been especially helpful to me, since the ground in my backyard consists mainly of hard clay. I couldn't be happier with the results!"

- Jim Ware

Zach of Brown's Greens was very professional, communicated thoroughly, and left me feeling excellent about choosing him for our needs.